03. Introduction

The New Era For Art Investment

Krayon is the Art Investment Platform applying Blockchain & AI technologies. Krayon enables artists, investors, galleries, and administrators worldwide to demonstrate and trade their works of art and assess their collections, eventually leading to the development of a system that is both effective and simple to use for determining art value.

"Over more than five centuries, numerous regulations have been placed on art transactions and distribution. However, on an operational level, the opaqueness of the transaction, the ambiguity of authenticity, the highly concentrated power of pricing, the exclusive collector's circle, and a lack of access to prestigious artwork have all combined to form a formidable barrier that has prevented the majority of art investors from entering the market"

By applying blockchain, Krayon creates a decentralized environment. All fine arts in Krayon are methodically filed on the blockchain. Anonymity, transparency, and liquidity are all guaranteed, and appraisal, authentication, and information asymmetry may be addressed.

Applying AI will help us provide better services: Redefining Creativity and Authenticity, Streamlining Marketplaces, AI-Powered Curation and Discovery, Verification and Authentication, AI-Based Pricing, AI-Driven Provenance Tracking, and AI-Driven Smart Contracts.

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